Westward, ho!

Lord Almighty, what a show!

If you stayed inside tonight, all warm and cozy and lame, then you missed one hell of a spectacle! This evening was the opening party for the Edwardian Ball at the DNA Lounge with Hubba Hubba’s Wild West Burlesque! There were knives flying, guns shooting, Tugboat the Buffalo, tassels twirling and corsets, corsets, corsets! All lovingly and rambunctiously rounded up by our own Colonel Kingfish. My kind of night 🙂

I’m just an old carny at heart, so I’m ALWAYS excited to see the Gypsy Cowboys. I dig people that cultivate amazing skills like old sideshow; hell, I just take my clothes off in front of strangers for fun….and while that certainly takes bravery, it’s still different than standing there looking pretty while Molotov hurls knives at your head. Using a bullwhip to snap a balloon out of a lovely ladies’ mouth? Tremendous! Then strapping her to the Wheel of Fortune, spinning her like a top and lobbing blades at her head? Stupendous! You guys can keep your Tivos and Hulus, I’ll be at the Hubba Hubba Revue.

A few notable faces in the audience tonight were the lovely Miss Pearl E. Gates, Pickles Kintarro, folks from KofyTv and  the fantastic Laika Fox. That’s what’s really awesome about the Go-Go boxes: you can see for miles! One of the most dee-lightful surprises tonight was DJ Fact.50! I enjoyed the hell out of all the awesome, obscure and old-timey jams he was playing, and so did all the little Go’s.

I was bouncing all over the lounge tonight, and if you were allowed backstage wouldn’t you do the same? I swear, it’s all nakedness and pillow fights and free beer and bubble baths back there….well, almost. Secret, sexy (and imaginary) playtime aside I will say one of my favorite acts was the scintillating Siamese Twin fan dance performed by Mynx d’Meanor and Comrade Tang. Yes, Sparkly Devil, we all love cute Asian girls…..and yes, they were so cute I wanted to “make a noise like Mariah Carey fucking a dolphin”. And there’s another visual to add to the catalog of weird crap that pops into my head at inopportune moments…

Did anyone else never notice how Lee Presson looks just like Edgar Allen Poe, even on a normal day? So, Lee dressing up as “drunken Edgar Allen Poe with a gun” was pretty much icing on the cake. And, guns don’t kill people, Lee Presson does. Well, not intentionally but that cap gun did go flying once or twice.

And, if you didn’t come out tonight you missed CanCan Bijou! You only get a few chances to see them each year,(Dicken’s Faire, Edwardian Ball etc.) and they are always something to see. Pretty girls high-kicking their skirts up with ruffly knickers is just plain old good clean fun. And something I’ve never seen before are the 2 FELLAS in the group! Bad. Ass. And these chums kick their heels up AND do the splits just like the gals. Equal opportunity, that’s what we like here in San Francisco!

Gracious, what a great start to the Edwardian Ball weekend! But, my dogs are barkin’ and my wagon is draggin’ kiddies, so it’s off to bed for Whendy and time to say her prayers…

….god bless Kingfish and Eddie (wherever he is). And god bless double-sided carpet tape and drink tickets, and god bless Dark Garden and all the little glittery deviants that came out tonight. Amen.



Ah, flashback 2 years ago to Edwardian Ball 2009…this picture makes me want some Absinthe.

Photo by Green La Fleur