Such a naughty Whendy……

Holy hell, does life ever have me by the balls lately!

Yes, balls! I said it and I meant it, I’m not sugar-coatin’ nuthin’! My life has just been bananas these past few weeks, but in just as many good ways as tough ways. But, in either case, ways that keep me from writing.

I started a new job with a big, shmancy company, which has pretty much taken over my life. But everything is evening out and I’m adjusting. Like a BOSS.

It’s been a total struggle and I’ve had to learn so much crazy, computer-y, tech-y nonsense. Which is SO not my forte. But whatever, I’m plugging away and totally makin’ it happen.

Went and saw Bunny Pistol’s Barbary Coast Burlesque last night with Red Velvet and Mr. Velvet and had a sweet old time! The MC was my darling Barron Scott Levkoff, wearing the most bad-ass jacket (embellished by yours truly!) They were accompanied by a band, King City, who was AWESOME. Velvet and I are after one of their CD’s to work with……

Oh, and Coco Lectric was INCREDIBLE. You can always tell when I think a performer is great because I seem to turn into an obnoxious dude on the street….”Daaaamn, girl!” They know how to grow em’ in Texas 😉

Gracious kittens, so much fun stuff has happened lately! I was interviewed on Odessa Lil’s show Speakeasily, which you can watch at TradioV. It was a blast, but I confess it was SO damn hot that day and the studio was burning!! I’m wicked Irish, man, we don’t do that. You can tell it was roasting in there, all the ladies brought fan dances!  Anyway, I was there alongside Barron Scott Levkoff, Red Velvet and Trixie Fou Laurant and we had a blast. You can check out this on-line, weekly show and tune in with the Bay Area’s Burlesque and Cabaret movers and shakers, check out Speakeasily with Odessa Lil at TradioV. Aw yeah.

I MC’d the October DIVA or Die show and not to be arrogant, but I totally KILLED it. Except for not announcing myself…..whatever, if that’s the only name I forgot then that’s fine with me! It felt good, because I was SO nervous. It’s funny how taking off your clothes in front of strangers is way easier than having to talk to them…..But it worked out great because I live to talk smack, I was made to MC! It was a ferocious Halloween show, people. The Bohemian Brethren freakin’ blew me away, as usual, you always get extra points with me if you wear sock-garters and can tie a bow tie……Elyse Elaine knocked my damn stockings off, (we’ll have her back in our December 21st show, don’t worry 🙂 and Vaudie Va Boom is truly the Queen of CanCan! Oh, so proud of all my little sparklies… of that night by Mr. Thad Gann will be posted, stay tuned!

I Stage-Managed the VIP Room performers and ran The Bubble at Masquerotica, unfortunately I was running around herding cannibals and zombies all night and didn’t really get to enjoy the show but I can say everyone looked absolutely incredible. If you saw a gal in a black, bobbed wig, a black and white striped corset, red bowler hat running around with a clipboard and cocktail then ya saw me! And I totally shook my ass in the giant, snow-globe go-go bubble for awhile. What? I had the keys to it! You know I’m gettin’ in there…..

Oh, and I was hired to scare the crap out of some squares at a big Halloween party. Ugh, ate so much human flesh that night I’m STILL full……Partied at the DNA on Halloween, being a pesky female Beetlejuice. Just say my name three times and I’ll totally help you get those humans out of your house…..

Whendy Bedtime Zombie Doll! Comes complete with Hello Kitty slippers!

I haven’t written everything, and I already feel like I need a nap!

Saturday night was spent in guerilla/flash-mob awesomeness at the SF Night Market. The location was secret, hidden away so as to not get in trouble too early. A caravan of box trucks, all with a different theme, could be found under a freeway bridge that night. Like The Night Circus meets…..San Francisco.

I was lucky enough to be part of Professor Violet’s truck, “Mr. Nobody’s Swamp Shack”. You enter the truck and are transported into a voodoo filled swamp inhabited by black-light illuminated dancing skeletons. People came in and offered one of their fears to Mr. Nobody, who gobbled them up! Word got around apparently, I peeked out the back of our truck and saw a line of 75 people waiting to see us! The cops eventually broke it up, but were very cool about it. They were hanging out, chatting with folks, and gave us over a half hour to play and perform instead of just making us all pack up and move out.

Inside Mr. Nobody’s Swamp Shack! I’m the skeleton on the left !

Well, this Friday (11/16) we have another SOLD OUT show for DIVA or Die, and we have our cherished regular MC back! Yay for Odessa Lil! So, that means I’ll be performing that night, aren’t you excited? Yes, I know you are. I’m bringing back my Dresden Dolls act, which has only been seen once before, so I felt this was a perfect time for a descent into madness …..

Get your tickets for our insane Holiday Show on December 21st, the night the Mayan Calendar ends. And, I don’t know about you but if there’s an Apocalypse I’ll be completely happy dying at a burlesque show…..

And then Saturday? Oh, on Saturday I’ll be on my way to Vegas with my epically mustachioed paramour for a few days of earnest trouble making…..

More events and and nonsense coming your way, loves 🙂

Love and Sparkles,