I’ve been told I give good microphone……

Oh my goodness! It’s been weeks since I’ve seen you! How have you been, love? Oh I’m so glad to hear it 🙂

Me? Well, let’s have a little up-date about Whendy-land…..

-After that Los Shimmy Shakers show at Lucky 13 in Alameda (which was so awesome!!) I was struck down for 3 damn weeks with the plague. I swear to god, if I was alive in 1800 I wouldn’t have been alive for long. My ass would’ve totally been taken out by Tuberculosis.

-Remember my post “Standing Out on a Limb”? You didn’t read it? For shame, poppet! Well, go back and read it right quick. Don’t worry, I’ll wait………………………………………………………………

Good, now you’re all caught up. So, I was worried about doing a more “theatrical” burlesque routine for the July show that may not be exactly “sexy”. I was curious and a little scared to see what my audience would think. I was thrashing about the stage, shredding my clothes, knocking over tables, ripping off table-cloths and wringing the head off a Ken doll and THEY LOVED IT. Aaaaaahhhh. That felt good. I’ll give you a heads up on whenever I bring that act back to the stage. My beloved Mickey (of Gone Boating Brewery) and her lady Laine, a dear highschool friend and some of her NASA engineer buddies (huzzah!), and a few of my precious Screwheads (Tara and Suzanne) were in the audience that night. I love when folks surprise me like that!
DIVA or Die had another sold out show on August 10th and our ladies were STELLAR. We featured myself and Red Velvet (because duh), Cherry Chapstick, Laika Fox, Vadge O’Fonnor, Ada Lavendar and Pretty Pretty Please (Red Velvet, Tornado Supertrouble and Cheeky Sweets). We simply had a blast and we’re looking forward to our next show on September 28th. As always, GET YOUR DAMN TICKETS EARLY! http://www.brownpapertickets.com will do you right.

Also, we’re going to have Boylesque at our September and October shows!! Oh, boys and girls, I am just happy as a clam in seaweed to have these fellas on our stage! They are simply to die for!

Look, all the info you need!

This past Sunday the Mystic Midway Pop-Up Carnival was asked to appear at Pedal Fest in Jack London Square, and boy did we ever! We painted faces, played mini-golf, did side-walk art, goofed with the public and generally paraded the crap out of it! It’s so rewarding when children or parents approach us to ask, “How much?” Because playing and creating with the Carnival is free! But we certainly won’t turn down your donations 🙂 The toughest part was adapting my costumes to “family friendly” mode…..

Go to http://www.mysticmidway.com to see where we will be next and more pictures of our adventures!

Costume sketch for Mystic Midway, Family Friendly style!

Anyway…..something else I’m terribly excited about: For DIVA or Die’s October 19th show we will be missing our favorite MC Odessa Lil 😦 She’s in a production of Halloween: The Musical and will be busy acting up a storm that month. So, ol’ Whendy here will be MCing that show! I MC’ed a show ages and ages ago at Brief Space in the Metreon, I had a blast and got great feed-back so I figured why not? Come out for another awesome line-up and to hear my dulcet tones…..

In other news, Miss Red Velvet and I will be teaching a Burlesque Basics class the following day (October 20th) at the EXIT Theatre! From 2-5pm, $55 with proceeds going to DIVAfest which supports female-driven creativity and theatre, and if you come to the show on the 19th you can sign up for only $50! Send us an e-mail at redvelvetburlesque@gmail.com to reserve your spot as space is limited!

And later that evening I will be doing make-up and helping out at Masquerotica! Which you should grab tickets for soon! Head over to http://www.masquerotica.com for tickets and details. There will be Hubba Hubba folks there, Kinky Salon folks, Hard French, Kink.com folks and just general costumed saucy fun and frolic. What a full, sexy day!
See you at the Burly-Q!….or perhaps the Midway 🙂