Just Because it’s June!

Hello Lovers and Lovelies!

Oh, yes yes, I know you’ve just missed missed MISSED my incredible posts and have been sitting at home tearing your hair out until I returned. Hush…you know it’s true.

2012 has truly been one of the most eventful years ever. And through tragedy and a few setbacks, I have once again climbed atop my pile of sparkle and feathers to giggle and celebrate the absurdity of it all.

So many exciting things and new friends! Do you remember how miffed I was last year about missing the Lagunitas Beer Circus? Well, this year I was there with bells on! Moral Minority produced the pants off that day, and damn what a show! It was such an incredible day, we had such a blast…..and I had a little talk with my liver afterward about how I shall be nicer….sometimes….

To see all the fun we had that day, go check out Julia O’Test’s amazing photos at http://juliaotestphotography.com/2012/06/01/2012-05-20-the-moral-minority-lagunitas-beer-circus/

Another adventure that I am embarking on is my monthly show co-produced with the inestimable Red Velvet at the EXIT Theatre. We are SO excited to have this opportunity and are looking forward to bringing you some of our favorite performers from around the Bay. You can check out DIVA or Die Burlesque on July 20th, August 10th, September 14th (Special Fringe Edition!) and October 19th.

And children, when I say “get your tickets early”, I fucking MEAN IT. This is a steamy, intimate little space and it sells out quickly. And as much as I would love to stuff as many of you in there as possible (zing!), I simply can’t darlings. There’s this little thing called “Fire Code”….

Something else to wait (im)patiently for? Love and Sex with Lex, the Burlesque Episode! This podcast, hosted by the amazingsexyhilarious Miss Lex, has asked a few of us Burly-Q Babies to come on her show! I have it on good authority that Bombshell Betty and Red Velvet will be making an appearance as well….July 1st, tune in!

Find Love and Sex with Lex on Facebook and iTunes and listen listen listen!! Seriously, cherubs, this show covers all things sexy in such a hilarious and celebratory manner, it’ll do ya good! They are sponsored by AdamandEve.com and have been picked up by Playboy. Street-cred, ya’ll. Do what Whendy says!

Aaaaaahhhhhhh….Isn’t that better? Yes, I think so too. Never fear, Whendy is back.

Just a GoGo Saloon Siren