Tiki-O, Daddy-O!

Tiki Oasis tickets go on sale tonight, so I was reminiscing about the event last year, my first year attending.

I’ve attended and performed at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend with Los Shimmy Shakers, and had a blast as I love retro culture. But, there’s something about Rockabilly culture, depending on where you are, that can be a little “too-cool-for-school” for my taste.

This is something that I found to be wonderfully UNTRUE about the Tiki scene. My boyfriend and I went to Tiki Oasis 2014 (the theme was Beatniks) and were simply tickled by how colorful, friendly, kitschy and fun all the tiki kids were! There is, of course, a Rockabilly contingent there (duh, and it’s great) but there’s something about the Rockabilly folks with a Tiki leaning that keeps them from taking it too seriously or being too snooty. There’s the hard-core, tried and true culture FANATICS of course….but there’s just something about Tiki that made it feel so open and friendly. I got to do the Pinup Photo Safari and go-go dance and had such a blast meeting everyone.

Lulu Cachoo (of the Devilettes) and I, accidental twinsies!

Lulu Cachoo (of the Devilettes) and I, accidental twinsies!

The bands were fantastic (El Vez!! The Lampshades!!), the burlesque was scintillating (Bunny Pistol! Jessabel Thunder!), the Devilettes were groove-tastic, the room parties were outta control and the market place was a treasure trove. We were totally smitten.


Photo snapped by my fella during the PinUp Photo Safari. Hair by Bunny Pistol


The gentleman with Beat Tiki at the opening night shindig at Bali Hai




Poolside, baby

So, it’s just been decided that we will be going back again this year, and I couldn’t be more excited! The theme this year is SPACE, and the gent and I are gearing up to bring our retro-space A-Game

I can’t wait for August to roll around for another tiki-tastic year, and with even more friends coming!

Love Tiki? Love Mai Tais, great folks, fab music and a good time? Come to Tiki Oasis!




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