PRIDEful Bitch

The World of the Heterosexual-Link to some John Waters goodness….

PRIDE Weekend!!

I have a love/hate relationship with basically ALL events in this city. Bay to Breakers, SantaCon, Folsom Fair, Pride etc. Usually based on my ability to attend and how much I need MUNI that day. Yes, I am a brat like that.

But, this year I’m a little more excited about Pride. Why? All because of something a dear friend told me….

So, like many words, the word “queer” has undergone many mutations and definition-changes. And like many words, (bitch, cunt, fag etc.), it has been used to abuse and dehumanize. I always thought that “Queer” was sort of a generalized term for Homosexual.

Ok, give Whendy a break here guys, I don’t know everything and Political Correctness is often beyond me.

But, I was informed that “Queer” also describes “Heterosexual people that live outside the Heterosexual norm”. Well, that is me to a T. (Let your imaginations run wild, go ahead.) Also, “Queer” can mean “sex-positive” and “Accepting of all orientations”. WOOOOO!

Ok, ok, I know many hate the word “Queer”, and many other words for whatever reason. It has negative connotations or what have you. I get that, I experience the same feelings about other words.

But, know this: There is a hetero lady here that is ECSTATIC to not have to identify herself as “straight”. Because, really, who wants to be straight?

Oops, did I offend a few of you? Well, just as some of you may dislike certain words/terms, I hate having to call myself straight. I feel it identifies me with many things I do NOT want to be linked to: religion, lifestyle, behavior…whatever. But, that’s the amazing thing about words: They have POWER.

And, as humans existing in a seriously effed-up place, we have the incredible responsibility of using that power for GOOD, when others only use it for evil.

So, may I (figuratively) stand up and say,


Have a fantastic PRIDE weekend, cherubs. Spread the Love, Spread the Joy and Spread the PRIDE

and, just for funsies, click the “World of the Heterosexual” link up top for a little John Waters, because I love this clip and I’m just IN LOVE with that man



One comment

  1. violet streak · June 23, 2012

    For me it was wonderful to have a term that was me. I never identified as bi as I love all the genders out there!!

    You can have queer sex with men. I do however recognize that as a femme woman married to a man I do have priviledge in this

    And yeah ur queer as fuck!!!

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