These are a few of my favorite things….

Hot diggity damn!

What a couple of months! This ol’ Whendy here has been working her sparkly little tukus off since April 1st and things are finally about to wind down. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a tech-theatre nerd and often work as a Stage Manager/props designer.  I’ve been working on A Most Notorious Woman at the EXIT, and we’re about to wrap up on the 28th. It’s a great show, about Grace O’Malley who was an Irish pirate queen in the 1500’s. We have shows Thursday-Saturday this week @ 8pm at the EXIT, the cross streets are Eddy and Taylor. But, the thing about theatre, is that you’re on lock down at night which pretty much cancels out alot of burlesque opportunities.

Can I say how absolutely disappointed I am that I couldn’t go to the Lagunitas Beer Festival with Fromagique  and the girls? I’ve actually been rather depressed about it as well. Do you ever get the feeling that if you’re out of the scene for too long that people will move on and forget about you? A silly feeling, I know, but it happens. Plus the irritating idea of your dumb day job keeping you from doing what you love.

Let’s just say, Green has had to listen to me bitch about it for around a month.

But, Whendy is back!! With May coming to a close, I will finally be back on the stage!! And, I’m terribly excited about the return of Bombshell Betty’s Haute House Burlesque at Milk Bar on Haight. I’m literally itching to take my top off in front of strangers…is that weird?

So, here I sit with a glass of cheap wine in hand, finally feeling satisfied and excited about shows to come because I can actually take part! And since I’ve been so pessimistic and down-hearted of late, I’m going to make a list of things that make me feel happy as a clam in seaweed:

In no particular order….

Sally Hansen Studio 35 Bare Legs Spray. It seriously makes your legs look like you’re wearing stockings, without a weird fake tan effect. And covers my bruises…..’cuz I’m clumsy.

Piedmont Boutique on Haight. They have some beautiful pasties in the back, and they can make anything they have in the store for you in whatever color/fabric you want! They’ve made me some awesome shimmy skirts, fur bikinis etc.

Bombshell Betty and Randy Johnson. Is it too crazy sounding to say that they saved my life? Well, they did, in a sense. They saved me from living unsatisfied and in fear, they saved me from thinking that I had no business standing in a spotlight and embracing my body.

Fantastico’s on 6th street. Need I say more? I need to check and see if they have fake turkeys….

-The Vintage Hairstyling book by Lauren Rennells, it has awesome step-by step instructions and with it I’ve learned to do Bumper Bangs and I’ve almost got finger-waves conquered!

Sweet Green. The only man I’ve ever known who will clean the litter box, make whatever dinner his crazy girlfriend has asked for, rub shoulders, scrub off stitches drawn on in Sharpie, indulge my parents and be constantly covered in glitter with no complaint. He. Is. The. BEST.

-Cheap wine. Clearly.

-All the amazing women I’ve met through burlesque. I’ve never met more creative, resourceful, funny and smart women!

So much to be grateful for, and I’m REALLY looking forward to getting back into the burlesque-saddle again!

Next on the agenda are:

-Haute House Burlesque THIS THURSDAY, the 26th at Milk bar! Come see some of your favorite Burlesqueteers shake it at a new monthly show! (I won’t be dancing, but I will be there!)

-Los Shimmy Shakers at Cellspace on June 2nd!! I’ll be shakin’ it at this one 🙂

So, goodnight cherubs, I hope to see you at the Burly-Q!

XOX Whendy

The Glas Kat, 2010

Photo by Green La Fleur

One comment

  1. violet streak · May 27, 2011

    ur too awesome to forget! there are some girls that sometimes you don’t see for awhile but when they come back it was always well worth the wait.
    I was the same for a while… after i saw u at the mardi gras show i sorta cocooned and life was keeping me away from performing burlesque…
    sometimes taking a break gives u time to turn over a new leaf!

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