Hello guys and dolls!

This post is going to be rather mellow, seeing as my wagon is seriously draggin’.

What a week! I feel as if I’ve been in a whirly-gig of glitter and girls! Our last show for February was this past Tuesday at the beautiful Uptown Club in Oakland. It was one of those relaxing Monday nights where everything is going (mostly) to plan, a place for every pastie and every pastie in its place.  In short, it’s the second show of the month and all the girls seem much less stressed. I was there for a cameo role in Red Velvet and Lezzie McFaggerson’s duet, so I was literally the embodiment of “cool, calm and collected”. Not even a costume change to think of! Ahhhhh….

There were a few performer cancellations, c’est la vie, but the girls rallied (as always!) and the audience loved it. Especially Violet Streak’s friends, who are a very appreciative and rowdy bunch, which I totally dig. Although, Jameson and Peanut Butter the “burlesque service doggies” weren’t there, and you know how I love canines that don’t mind glitter or cat calls!

A rather notable moment was when, since we were lacking any audience birthdays, Randy hollered at Green (my photographer beau) to get his ass on stage and strip! And the best part is Sweet Green didn’t bat an eye! He hopped right up on that stage and went for it, though I’m pretty sure he would do almost anything Randy asked him to….and for that I am permanently alarmed. Ah, Brothers in Perversion.

Sweet Green said, “I didn’t know what to do near the end.”  To which I replied, as you can guess, “Shake it! You forgot to shake it!” But he did wonderfully, he’s clearly been paying attention, we just need to work on that flat-chested shimmy! What a good sport!

Next up on the calendar is our March Monty Python Show! It’s going to be out of control and I expect to see all your butts in those seats! We have Silly Walks, Spankings, a very “Meaningful” fan dance, my troupe of Lumberjacks and a very bloody scary bunny….so, this is obviously going to be EPIC.  That show is next Tuesday, March 1st at the Elbo Room 9pm! Be there or be square!

Also, on my extensively booked calendar is tomorrow night at the Castro Theatre! They are showing “China Town” at 7pm and then” L.A. Confidential” around 9. Green and I are going to get our Noir on, maybe we’ll see you there!


  1. violet streak · February 24, 2011

    violet streaks friends are a bunch of crazy people!!! 😉

  2. Lezzie McFaggerson · February 25, 2011

    a) you’re the best cameo-er ever.
    b) “forget it, jake. it’s chinatown.”

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